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When we think of Garmin, we typically do not think of the brand as an innovative marine electronics manufacturer. But the Garmin Quatix series, headlined by the new Garmin Quatix 7, has enough boating features with some new innovative marine features to make that statement a future certainty. What about the Garmin Quatix 7 stands out?

The Quatix 7 is a sleek and stylish timepiece that features darkness streamlined smart features, boating attributes, the ability to explore detailed contour mapping, in addition to an incredibly enduring battery life.

Are you currently considering purchasing the Quatix 7 when it is released later this spring? In this guide, we will review this watch to provide you with all the insights you need. Garmin marine electronics are becoming more popular each year, and the Quatix 7 only adds to this continuing trend.

At a glance: Garmin Quatix 7

The Quatix 7 is very similar in both design and comprehensive connectivity to the Fenix 7. It features an always on amoled display, has additional solar model features on those versions, and a nifty battery saver mode.

But of course, the real standout of the Quatix 7 are its outstanding marine features. The Quatix series is designed for boaters, and the Quatix 7 has essential connected features that improve upon its previous six versions.

Insofar as the typical Garmin watch features, this model has all the usual suspects: actions, activity tracking, calories shed, rest, and distinct performance tracking across multiple activities.

The Quatix 7 also features an innovative GPS mode, destination barometric trend indicator, compass, thermostat, accelerometer, pulse ox, and gyroscope.

The health monitoring data is similar to the Quatix 6, but there are also new outdoor recreation profiles, hiking tracking, and more.

New marine features include integrated tide data, which allows you to measure tides according to exact GPS location, as well as sail racing profiles with a virtual starting line.

There is also an anchor alarm, engine rpm measurements, compatible onboard equipment profiles, boat data, as well as autopilot control features.

The Quatix 7 also has an intuitive touchscreen interface, as well as power-saving controls that allow you to extend battery life.

It’s a stylish and beautiful watch, whether you choose to wear it at sea or on land.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Quatix 7.

Pros of Garmin Quatix 7

  • Phone free listening
  • Garmin pay
  • Compatible smartphone connectivity
  • Additional solar models enable longer body battery and overall battery life
  • New marine and boating profiles featuring integrated Navionics data, marine tspan maps, and stunning touchscreen display options
  • Features automotive tspan, support tspan, maps tspan, aviation tspan, and discover tspan
  • You can easily read and switch between maps thanks to the touchscreen display housed inside of a stunning amoled display

Cons of Garmin Quatix 7

  • Not much different from the Garmin Quatix 6 and very similar to the Fenix 7
  • Waypoint navigation can be off depending on the location

What can the Garmin Quatix do?

What makes the Quatix series such a unique line of Garmin devices is that each new watch in the line has a user interface enhancement over the previous iteration.

What is also excellent about the series is that the several choices of solar models harness all that is great about being out on the water, without having to worry about charging your watch.

Many models come with a stainless steel bezel, and the solar models come with a power sapphire lens. Familiar attributes like body battery and Garmin pay are also featured. You can also choose between the Quatix 7, Quatix 7 Sapphire, or the Quatix 7 Solar, which is nearly identical to what we saw with the launch of the Fenix 7.

But it’s the boating features designed exclusively for the series that make Quatix what it is.

Users of this watch can now view innovative data that measures water depth and then match that depth to a recommended engine RPM. The ability to measure wind speeds is also quite a stellar level of innovation with this model. This comes in handy for sailors and especially those who enjoy sail racing.

Convenient charting features are also a feature of the Quatix 7, with many coastal charts and freshwater maps across the United States being featured on this model.

Let’s take a closer look at the marine benefits that come with the Quatix 7, as well as its technical and design specs.

Key marine features

  • Comes with Garmin’s autopilot systems for superior Navionics navigation
  • Measures water depth, engine rpm, as well as wind speeds

The Quatix 7 can be synced to Fusion Entertainment Systems that allows remote control over all of your audio systems.


The Quatix 7 standard edition comes in an aquamarine color, while the Quatix 7 Sapphire is dark blue. The Quatix 7 Solar Edition comes with a stainless steel wristband or an optional titanium or silicone band.


All three versions of the Quatix 7 have a display resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. The display size is about 1.4 inches.

The type of display for each version is sunlight-readable, which is important when out on the water. Additionally, there is a transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display for each water, which offers a crisp and sleek overall aesthetic appeal to each watch version.


The Quatix 7 Standard Edition is currently priced at roughly $700. The Quatix Sapphire Edition retails at $999.00, and the Quatix 7 Solar Edition is priced at $1,199.00.

Battery life

The battery life of all three models is quite exemplary, with the Solar Edition being truly impressive.

Each watch’s total battery life is listed below:

  • Smartwatch: Up to 28 days/37 days with solar
  • Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 90 days/1 plus year with solar
  • GPS Only: Up to 89 hours/122 hours with solar
  • All Satellite Systems: Up to 63 hours/77 hours with solar
  • All Satellite Systems plus Multi-band: Up to 38 hours/42 hours with solar
  • All Satellite Systems plus Music: Up to 16 hours
  • Max Battery GPS: Up to 213 hours/578 hours with solar
  • Expedition GPS: Up to 62 days/139 days with solar


How far behind does the Quatix series fall?

The Garmin Quatix series has been around for about a decade now. During this time, there have been 6 Quatix watches released, with the Quatix 7 expected in late spring 2022.

When was the Garmin Quatix 7 released?

Garmin Quatix 7 is expected to launch in early-May 2022, but there is no firm release date as of yet.

According to the Quatix 7’s official Garmin page, availability is expected either in late-May 2022 or early-June 2022.


The Garmin Quatix 7 has many new boating and marine features that make it stand apart from the Quatix 6. Additionally, many of the traditional features that have been featured on newer Garmin watches, as well as past Quatix models, are also included.

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