Is it possible to browse the internet using a smartwatch?

is it possible to browse the internet using a smartwatch?

The Internet is enormous, and web users use their smart devices to search for information, watch videos, and play games. The small devices we carry around help us stay connected to our loved ones and get information on the go. The power of the Internet is already at your fingertips on your phone or laptop, but what about when you’re out and about and not near your usual devices?

The latest tech gadget to appear in the market is at our disposal. It’s no surprise that people are excited about these new wearable devices. With the latest tech gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy watch or Apple watch, you might ask yourself, “Can I browse the Internet using a smartwatch?“.

These days it’s no longer just a question of having an internet browser on the phone in your pocket. Our Smartwatches have made the latest innovations available to us on the go. These devices have allowed us to do things only possible with desktop computers and laptops. We can now enjoy enhanced functionality when we are at home or even in bed.

Let’s find out how web browsing with a smartwatch like a Samsung Galaxy watch or Garmin watches would work.

How do you browse the internet using a smartwatch?

You can browse the Internet on a smartwatch in several different ways.

The first way is by tapping on the screen to navigate menus and web pages, similar to using a smartphone.

The second way is by using voice commands to navigate. For example, you can say, “what’s the weather like in New York?” or “how much does it cost to buy this product?“. You can also use third-party apps as web browsers with your smartwatch and access your favorite websites.

Best web browsers/apps you can use to access the internet

  • Google Maps & Waze – Google Maps and Waze are both GPS navigation apps that let people find directions on their smartwatch without needing a phone. They’re great for people who don’t want to carry around their phone but still need some wayfinding system when they’re out and about in public places.
  • Accuweather – is a great internet browser for checking the weather before heading out. It’s designed specifically for wearables, so it takes up less space on your watch than if you added an extra widget to your home screen.
  • Google Keep – this app allows you to keep notes on your phone and sync them to the watch when you’re wearing it. It’s helpful if you’re using your watch as a reminder or to help keep track of things like essential meetings or appointments and basic tasks like grocery lists.
  • G2Web – this is one of the greatest third party browsers available on your watch that allows you to access your favorite sites from your wrist. It works just like Gear Browser does. You swipe around in full-screen mode to scroll through pages and access tabs. but it also includes automatic updates so that when new content is added to a web page, G2Web will automatically pick it up for you.
  • The mini web browser – You can use this app to check the weather, find directions to places around town, and read news headlines – all on your wearable device.
What type of internet connection does your smartwatch possess?

What type of internet connection does your smartwatch possess?

WIFI network

Smartwatches can connect to the Internet browser through various methods, including Wi-Fi and cellular data. Wi-Fi is a standard method for smartwatches to connect to the Internet because it allows them to communicate with other devices in the same network, which can be beneficial when you’re away from home or on an airplane.

Cellular data

Cellular data is another popular method for connecting a smartwatch to the Internet because it allows for faster download speeds and better battery life than Wi-Fi does. The most common way for smartwatches to use cellular data is through a SIM card, which works much like a computer’s internal memory. Samsung Galaxy watches for example, have a non-removable virtual SIM.

Other things to consider

There are many other things including different features that you should consider, which can make or break your decision on the smartwatch you purchase. The most critical factors include size, durability, price, and color.

Screen size

The screen size is another important factor when choosing a smartwatch because it will determine how big or small the text will appear on the screen and interface of the internet browser, so make sure that whatever size screen size you choose works for you.

An ideal display should be large enough to support gestures and glanceable information yet small enough to be worn on your wrist day in and day out. And remember, a small display size is limiting, especially if you prefer using a navigation button.

iOS or Android

If you want to take advantage of what smartwatches can do, we recommend getting an Android wear smartwatch instead, like a Samsung Galaxy watch.

An Android watch has an operating system that makes it more customizable and easier to use than iOS watches, like Apple watches. They also have more apps available than Apple.

On the flip side, Android isn’t perfect, though it’s often criticized for being slow and buggy. It also has fewer privacy features than iOS due to its open nature.

Certain functions, such as phone calls, text messages and google pay, can be accessed by anyone, which can put your personal information at risk if someone else gets access.

Battery life

Your smartwatch battery life will depend on how often you use the device, its settings, and if it’s connected to your phone. But generally, a smartwatch can last three days or more between charges if you don’t use it more heavily.

It’s also important to note that some smartwatches don’t have replaceable batteries, so they’ll need to be charged every few months instead of monthly or annually.


Can I leave my phone at home and use my smartwatch?

Yes, your smartwatch can serve as a stand-in to keep you connected and in touch while you’re out and about. You don’t need an iPhone to use it — all it requires is an internet connection on any of your devices.

If you don’t have a desirable service, you can easily make calls via Google Voice or Skype, which also connects to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in your Samsung Galaxy watch or Apple watch.

Do I have to have a smartphone to use a smartwatch?

You don’t need to have a smartphone to use a watch. Smartwatches are designed for those who want to use their smartphones as remote controls.

Smartwatches are essentially smartphones modified with additional features. However, you don’t need a smartphone because the watch communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Essentially, it doesn’t require an Internet connection or any internet browser, and you can still get notifications for texts, calls, and emails when you’re on the move.

What data do smartwatches collect? (health tracking, cookies…)

Smartwatches like the Galaxy watch or Apple watch collect the same data as smartphones. This includes general usage and crashes data while controlling smartphone functionality and communications.

Health tracking is one of the more popular features apart from the internet browser. Smartwatches use sensors in their displays or attached devices to collect information about how you move (steps) and track other metrics like heart rate and calories burned. Some smartwatches use this information to display notifications from your phone when you’re away from it.


The current state of smartwatches would make this process a challenge at best. While improvements can still be made to the web browsers, and more apps need to be available through the store, it’s clear that the watch can make browsing the Internet a pleasant experience.

It’s not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. We can expect more future improvements to these smartwatch web browsers as developers constantly improve them. And further down the road, we’ll undoubtedly see even better options for smartwatch browsing.

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