What to do when a Fitbit breaks

what to do when a fitbit breaks

If you’re like most people, your Fitbit is a pretty important part of your day-to-day life. It helps track your activity, encourages you to be more active, and makes it easy to see how close you reach your fitness goals. But what do you do when your Fitbit breaks?

If your Fitbit breaks, you should try resetting it by holding down the power button. This may work if it is a device and not a software issue. If this doesn’t fix the problem, check for any updates available for your Fitbit model. Failing that, you may need to contact Fibit customer support for further assistance.

When your Fitbit breaks, the most important thing to do is stay calm and collected. While losing all your workout data and progress can be frustrating, it’s important not to let your emotions get the best of you. Instead, work on finding a solution that will allow you to continue tracking your fitness levels and reach your wellness goals.

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about what to do when a Fitbit breaks, from troubleshooting to finding a replacement, so read on for more. It would also help to troubleshoot by reading through the Fitbit forums to see if others have had similar issues and what they did to fix them.

Will Fitbit replace a broken Fitbit?

There is a good chance that Fitbit will replace your Fitbit product. Fitbit has a history of standing by its products, especially when it comes to manufacturing defects. This is where having a warranty can come in handy.

The warranty typically lasts one year, and during that time, Fitbit will replace any device that doesn’t work due to manufacturing defects.

Simply fill out the necessary forms on the Fitbit website and provide a copy of your purchase receipt, and they will send you a new device as soon as possible. However, if you break your Fitbit due to normal wear and tear, the company won’t replace it.

Do all Fitbit devices come with a warranty?

All Fitbit devices have a warranty covering materials and workmanship defects for the first year after purchase. If your device stops working due to a manufacturing or design flaw within 12 months of purchase, Fitbit will either repair it or replace it for free.

How do I find out if my Fitbit is still under warranty?

To find out if your Fitbit is under warranty, you will need to check your proof of purchase. Your Fitbit includes a one-year limited warranty coverage from the date of purchase. If you bought your Fitbit from the Fitbit website, your order number could be found in your Fitbit account settings.

If you are unsure of where you purchased your device or do not have a Fitbit website account, please check the back of your Fitbit for a white sticker that contains the serial number and barcode. The first two letters of the serial number will tell you the month and year your device was manufactured.

Alternatively some Fitbit smartwatches have their manufacturer codes filed in the Fitbit app in the settings screen. Unfortunately some of new Fitbit models such as the Charge HR do not include this feature.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Support team if your Fitbit was manufactured within the last year and you have proof of purchase. However, if it was manufactured more than a year ago, you do not have proof of purchase or you did not take extended warranty, your watch is no longer within the warranty period.

What does the Fitbit warranty cover?

For a year following the date of purchase, the Fitbit warranty covers manufacturing flaws in materials and workmanship when used normally. If your device breaks within the warranty period, you can send it back for a replacement.

However, it doesn’t cover physical damage, including damage from water or normal wear and tear. It also doesn’t cover devices that have been modified or repaired by anyone other than Fitbit. So, if you try to fix your broken Fitbit yourself or take it to a third-party repair shop, you void the warranty.

To start a warranty claim, visit the Fitbit support website and log in with your account. Once you’re logged in, click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page and then select “Warranty and Returns.”

From there, you’ll be able to start a warranty claim by clicking the “Submit a Ticket” button.

You’ll need to provide Fitbit with your contact information, order number (if you have it), and a description of the problem. Fitbit will then assess your claim and determine if your device is eligible for a replacement.

If you don’t have a Fitbit account or can’t find your order number, you can still start a warranty claim by calling Fitbit customer support.

Does Fitbit warranty include replacement bands?

Fitbit’s standard warranty covers manufacturer defects, but does not cover any incidental or intentional damage like cosmetic damage, scratches and dents.

Fitbit does cover watch straps if they break through no fault of your own, such as where the pin has fallen out and needs to be replaced. Fitbit will not provide a replacement band for a watch strap if it is damaged through wear and tear or improper use.

Fitbit also limits the provision of a new band to every 4 months.

Can I extend my Fitbit warranty?

If you are particularly clumsy or are worried about damaging your expensive Fitbit tracker, then it may be worth investing in an extended manufacturer warranty.

Fitbit offers an extended warranty called the Fitbit Protection Plan (FPP), which is available for purchase and provides you with an additional years’ cover.

The great thing about this warranty is that it doesn’t just cover you for a manufacturing defect or manufacturing error, but for normal use and accidental damage too.

Who do I contact if my Fitbit is not working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your device, you should contact Fitbit’s Customer Support, providing your Fitbit account details.

They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and, if necessary, send you a replacement device.

Contacting Fitbit support is easy. You can do it directly from your Fitbit account by clicking the “Help” tab > “Contact Support.” Alternatively, you can reach out via phone or email.

When submitting a help ticket, include as much information about the issue as possible. This will help the customer support team resolve your problem more quickly.


Should I take it back to place of purchase or back to Fitbit?

If you are still within your warranty period, we recommend taking it back to the place of purchase. However, if you are outside your warranty period or your retailer is no longer stocking Fitbit products, you’ll need to reach out to Fitbit directly.

What happens if my Fitbit band breaks?

First, try resetting the Fitbit strap. To do this, press and hold the button on the band for about 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the Fitbit app.

If neither works, you can always contact Fitbit customer support. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and get a Fitbit band replacement if necessary.

How long do Fitbits last before breaking?

The answer depends on how you use your Fitbit and which model you have. Most people can expect their Fitbit to last around 2-3 years before the battery dies or it starts having other issues.

If you are a very active person who uses their device all day long, you may find that it does not last as long.

Additionally, some models of Fitbit are more likely to break than others. The Fitbit Flex 2, for example, is notorious for breaking easily. The original Fitbit Flex was also known for breaking easily, but Fitbit has since made some modifications to the design.


If your Fitbit breaks or has stopped working, it is essential to take some time to figure out what happened and how to fix it. There are a few different ways that you can troubleshoot the issue and get your device working again.

If you can’t fix the problem alone, you may need to contact customer support or send your Fitbit back for a replacement.

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