How Do You Use Garmin Contactless Pay?

how do you use garmin pay

One of the most convenient on the go features of the Garmin Connect app is the contactless payment solution known as Garmin Pay. Garmin Pay works in similar ways to other contactless payments such as Google pay, Fitbit pay, and Apple pay, but there are some important details to be aware of. So how do you use the Garmin contactless payment solution?

Garmin contactless pay works through the Garmin Connect app as a virtual wallet on any Garmin watch or device. You can sync debit cards and major credit cards through the Garmin Connect mobile app for all retailers that accept contactless payments.

Are you currently seeking a detailed guide that explains all there is to know about Garmin contactless payment transactions? If so, this guide will tell you exactly how to use Garmin pay on a Garmin watch or device.

We will also explain exactly how to set up Garmin pay, as well as all the details you will need to know to use Garmin pay.

What is Garmin contactless pay?

On most Garmin smartwatches or Garmin wearables that support Garmin pay, you can access Garmin pay for contactless card reader purchases.

This is essentially a digital, virtual service that connects to Garmin’s servers that securely store your visa card data or a card of your choice from supported banks.

This feature is only available on a compatible Garmin watch or other wearable, so be sure to check beforehand to make sure chosen device models support Garmin pay options.

How do I set up my Garmin pay?

Setting up Garmin pay is simple.

All you need to do is first create your applicable profile in the Connect app. You will then need to connect your card to the app under the Garmin devices section in the settings menu. Most major banks support Garmin pay, and there may be a brief verification process for security purposes to ensure your bank information is correct.

For example, on the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, you can access the wallet section by pressing the “light” button. You can then enter your special four-digit passcode. It is important to use transaction codes that only you know.

You will then see a screen that says “hold near reader,” and once the payment terminal reads the card, your transaction should process.

Be aware that Garmin typically only allows three incorrect attempts for various issues with the reading- so make sure you scan your device where the terminal asks. As mentioned, there are a wide range of credit and debit cards accepted, and you will also need to ensure that the card reader at the location supports Garmin pay or contactless payments in general.

If your payment information will not read, you may have to manually enter your information or swipe your card to make a payment.

Adding a new card

You can create your wallet in a variety of different ways that work best for you. Garmin currently allows up to 10 cards to be kept in your wallet at one time, and all you need to do is tap “create” in the app and put in your bank info, card number, expiration date, and other pertinent information.

To switch between various cards, you will need to go to the Connect app and highlight the card you wish to use for a purchase.

On your Garmin watch, specific card numbers will not be displayed on your watch face to ensure proper security.

You can also choose from a specific bank, such as Starling bank in the UK.

How do I unlock my Garmin Pay?

Garmin pay secure is the main security feature on a Garmin device that distinguishes it from other virtual wallet brands. To unlock Garmin pay, you will have to put in a verification code that is in place to protect your credit or debit card.

To unlock and use Garmin pay, you simply need to hold and press the applicable button (usually on the top left for all devices) and that will bring up the Garmin pay screen.

You can then put in your security code and scan you virtual wallet icon based on which card you would like to use.

Where can I pay with Garmin pay?

You can use Garmin pay at any location that accepts contactless payments worldwide. By 2022, most retailers across the world are set up for contactless purchases, so you do not have to search for Garmin pay symbols or the like.

Everything is connected by bank, providing the retailer allows this kind of payment.

What banks is Garmin Pay compatible with?

Starling is perhaps the preeminent bank for this feature. But there are a long list of banks that accept Garmin pay.

Here is a comprehensive list of banks accepting Garmin pay, from the Garmin website.

What Garmin devices have Garmin Pay?

There are over 60 Garmin devices that feature Garmin pay. A full list can be found on the Garmin website here, and all you need to do is check “Garmin pay” on the left side panel bar to highlight all brand watch and device models.

Some of the most popular brands are:

Click through with the links provided to find out of more about these specific watches.


How do I delete a Garmin wallet?

You will need to go into the app on your phone to make modifications to your Garmin wallet. You can either temporarily suspend a purchase if there is some kind of issue that needs to be addressed, or you can outright delete the setup if you wish.

On your phone, navigate to devices, go to the pay page, and then simply click delete. You are unable to do this from your watch.

How do I change my password on my Garmin wallet?

You can change a password either on your phone or directly on your watch. On your watch, you simply navigate to the pay page and go through the process of changing your password. This is typically only available on watches that have touchscreen technology.

Th easiest way to change a password is to use the Connect app. Simply go to the device page, and then navigate to the pay page. You will see an option to change your password and the process is very simple.

Is Garmin pay the same as Apple Pay?

Both processes work in the same way, but of course, both are entirely different since the features will only work with an applicable brand device. Garmin’s feature is slightly different in that a passcode is needed to access the feature, but many are pleased with this added layer of protection.


In summary, making contactless purchases with Garmin’s payment feature is very simple and can be easily learned in one transaction. There are a wide variety of banks and cards generally accepted, and all you need to make sure of is that the retailer you plan on visiting has contactless purchases set up on all their terminals.

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