Garmin Vivosport GPS Activity Tracker Review – time to get motivated

Garmin Vivosport Review

Garmin Vivosport Review

Garmin Vivosport Review

Garmin’s sleek and stylish Vivosport GPS Fitness Activity Tracker combines all the best loved features from the Vivoactive 3 with a host of impressive new attributes.

From its sun-reflective, always-on color screen to its built in GPS tracking and compass, this watch allows you to work out when you want, where you want.

Full of great interactive features, the Vivosport will appeal to fitness fanatics who want to track their every movement indoor, outdoor and even whilst asleep.

Read our review of the Garmin Vivosport to see why this fitness sports activity tracker is the perfect workout companion.

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  • Built in GPS
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Slim design
  • Color touchscreen
  • VO2 Max Sensor and LiveTrack
  • Fitness Apps
  • Music playback controls


  • Small screen size
  • Low resolution
  • Expensive

Garmin Vivosport GPS Fitness Sports Activity Tracker Review – your ‘on hand’ personal trainer

Covering off all the tracking information you have come to expect from Garmin; including steps, calories, distance, heart rate and sleep; the Vivosport offers all this and more. Its built in GPS gives you the freedom to venture into the great outdoors as it accurately maps your route, distance, time, speed and pace, whilst smartphone notifications ensure that you can always stay connected to the outside world (if indeed you want to).

Its additional features such as strength training, cardio and stress tracking monitor, clever compact design, make this watch suitable for wearing both day and night.

Garmin Vivosport Review - Activity Tracker Features

New Garmin Vivosport features

Whether you are working out at the gym, riding your bike, walking the dog or tucked up in bed, this activity tracker will keep tabs on your health and wellbeing. Take a look at our review of Garmin’s Vivosport GPS Fitness Sports Activity Tracker to find out more.

They say that good things come in small packages and the Vivosport is no exception.

This slim yet sleek watch with always-on, color touchscreen is responsive, intuitive and easy to read – even in direct sunlight. Its built in GPS with barometric altimeter, compass and accelerometer allows you to track your activities whilst on the go and can even map a route out for you on the Garmin Connect app.

There are a lot of gadgets packed into this one activity tracker and having it all ‘on hand’ means that no matter where you are or what activities you are doing, you can rest assured knowing that you are not being weighed down with a multitude of devices.

Review of the Garmin Vivosport Activity Tracker Features

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Garmin Vivosport Review

Wrist heart rate, fitness age, oxygen, calories and more

Having introduced a host of new features with the launch of the Vivosmart 3, we are pleased to see that Garmin have used the best of the best for the Vivosport GPS Activity Tracker.

Its continuous wrist-based monitor is there to provide you with heart beat data, calculate your calories, estimate your oxygen uptake, fitness age and resting heart rate. It can even display your current stress levels and sleeping patterns with the end goal of improving your fitness levels and contributing to your overall health and wellbeing.

When you sync the Vivosport Activity Tracker to your smartphone not only will you receive a detailed analysis of your daily stats, but you will also be able to access a number of sporting apps. , you can run to the beat when you are wearing the Vivosport, as you skip through, pause or play music that is streamed from your smartphone.

Once you’ve finished your fitness for the day, you can automatically upload to Garmin Connect and the online fitness community, or use LiveTrack to enable your friends to follow your activities. You can even check for text messages, social media updates, emails, calls, notifications and much much more; because with the Vivosport Activity Tracker on your wrist, you never have to miss a thing.

Garmin Vivosport Review - Pull ups in gym

Style and design

A slim waterproof design and a host of handy features make the Vivosport GPS Activity Tracker perfect for all day, every day wear. Available in 3 fashionable 2-tone designs, you can choose a color combination to match your sense of style.

Lightweight and easy to wear, with its color, light reflective touch screen and always-on Garmin Chroma display, this watch has been fully optimized for indoor and outdoor activities.

Battery Life

Depending on how you choose to use your watch, the Vivosport Activity Tracker has up to 8 hours of battery life whilst in GPS mode and up to 7 days in smartwatch mode, before it needs recharging.

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What we loved about the Vivosport

From its customizable screens, to its GPS tracker, sleep monitor and heart rate display; there are so many features on the Garmin Vivosport Fitness Activity Tracker that we loved.Packed full of information, we were pleased to have the option to drill down to more specific information and customize this watch to suit our personal preferences. As we mainly wanted the Vivosport for running, the ability to be able to change the display screens to show pace, speed, time and distance in the order we required them was handy and saved precious seconds when flicking from screen to screen. The fact that this watch is waterproof was also a massive positive, as it meant we could wear the Vivosport all day long without having to remember to take it on and off for swimming and showering. , the fact that we could monitor our sleep status (or lack of it due to ‘sleep thieving ‘children) was an additional bonus.

Having used GPS tracking before, we were slightly dubious about how precise this was likely to be, however, it appeared spot on when we tested it on one of our favorite routes. The same can also be said of the heart rate monitor, which appeared much more accurate than previous chest strap versions we have tried.

What could be better

Overall the Vivosport GPS Fitness Tracker exceeded our expectations, however there were a few little gripes and glitches that Garmin could improve upon further.All we can say is thank goodness for user manuals, as the touch screen menus on this watch took us a little longer than others to get to grips with – mainly due to having to scroll down constantly due to the size of the screen. That said, after a few days we soon had the hang of it and were navigating through the options with ease. When it came to personalizing the screens, the compact size of the interface (again!) became a bit of an issue, and we found it easier to make changes within Garmin connect rather than the watch itself. The always on display screen was great – even in bright light – however, when running at dusk we did have to use the backlight to make the screen visible. Essentially this is no big deal as the light automatically comes on when you raise your wrist, but it would be handy to check for stats at a glance and without having to stop.

Garmin Vivosport vs Vivoactive 3

Comparison to Vivoactive 3

The added benefits and high-tech features that Garmin has made to the Vivosport over the Vivoactive 3, whilst not ground breaking, have ensured that this watch is quite possibly the best activity tracker currently on the market.The key differentiator between the Garmin Vivosport Activity Tracker and the Garmin Vivoactive 3, is the always on Chroma 9.7mm x 19.3mm touchscreen display. With the new device the slightly larger display is readable, even in direct sunlight.Another great improvement between the models is the choice of color variations and slightly longer battery life – allowing you to wear it for longer both indoors, outdoors and in water, whilst still looking great on the wrist.

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Is the Vivosport worth buying?

For me the Vivosport is the activity tracker of choice if you are looking for a smartwatch with fitness and wellbeing functionality. Although the screen is relatively small it can be customized to suit your personal preferences and the battery power ensures that you can be on the go for up to 7 days before recharging. All things considered, we had a positive first impression of Garmin’s new fitness band. With GPS, heart rate, and everything you could possibly hope for in terms of activity tracking, we think this is probably Garmin’s best fitness band yet.

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