Garmin TruSwing Review – Garmin’s First Golf Club Swing Sensor

Garmin TruSwing Review

Garmin TruSwing Review – Garmin’s First Golf Club Swing Sensor

Garmin TruSwing provides at-a-glance data, including swing tempo, speed, club-path measurements, critical club angles, and more to improve swing consistency and form. The small, light, easy-to-use sensor mounts just below your club’s grip.

Pair with Approach S6, X40, S20, G8 and G30 to see your swing data on the course or pair with compatible smartphones and tablets via Garmin Connect Mobile for 3D animations and side-by-side comparisons.

Following on from the success of the Approach S20, its advanced attributes ensure that you have everything ‘on hand’ to navigate around even the trickiest of golf courses. Both functional and stylish, this multi-sport smartwatch is the most sophisticated on the market and is set to become every golfers best friend – both on and off the course.

Garmin TruSwing Golf Sensor Review


  • Detailed swing metrics
  • Uploads to Garmin Connect for 3D reviews
  • Compatible with range of Garmin Approach devices
  • Small, lightweight and unobtrusive design
  • Uniquely pairs with Approach S6 for additional data


  • 3D animations only when used with Approach S6
  • Has to be removed and installed on each club
  • Zepp 2 may be a better option

Improve Your Golf Game with Garmin TruSwing

Using a compatible Garmin Approach golf GPS watch or handheld device, golfers can view their swing data immediately. Further detailed information can be viewed on the recently redesigned Garmin Connect, which now supports Garmin golf devices. Using the app on their smartphone or tablet golfers can view detailed information including 3D animations to how they can improve their swing.

Golfers of any level can use the TruSwing metrics to improve their swing. One glance at your Approach wrist watch and you can see where and how you can improve your swing. This allows you to stay focussed on your routine without distractions. TruSwing can be used either on the driving range or even during a practice round.

Garmin TruSwing App

  • Ball Flight: Club path, face angle and shaft angle are three of the metrics that TruSwing provides that affect what direction the ball goes. This helps golfers understand what adjustments they need to make to hit the ball straighter.
  • Trajectory: Shaft lean and face angle affect the dynamic loft, which impacts the trajectory the ball flies. Golfers can use these metrics to practice taking off or adding loft to their shots.
  • Distance: How far the ball goes is related to how fast the club head is traveling and where on the club face the ball is hit. Golfers can use the swing tempo metric to improve swing consistency and immediately see how this affects club head speed.

Review Your Swing in 3D with Garmin TruSwing

Using the Garmin Connect mobile app golfers can view side-by-side swing comparisons to analyze their data in real-time. Individual swings can be analyzed, and two swings can be overlaid on top of each other to compare and contrast. This allows golfers to learn about their own specific areas for improvement and they even can share this data with friends or their golf pro to get guidance on what to change or improve.

Data that’s collected is stored in one place within Garmin Connect. Each session is organized by date, so users can go back to see each individual swing, and how they’ve improved since then. Garmin Connect can show golfers’ overall cumulative stats, as well as stats per session, which is broken down by clubs used.

Review of the Garmin TruSwing

Wrist Path Coordinates with Garmin Approach S6

When using TruSwing with an Approach S6 additional wrist path data is recorded that is displayed in the 3D animation on Garmin Connect. This animation gives you a clear picture of club lag, a dynamic condition of the club head trailing behind the hands throughout the downswing.

TruSwing Quick Mount Design

Garmin TruSwing can be securely attached to any club below the grip. It has a simple, quick mount-design which makes swapping between clubs easy. A single charge gives 12 hours of battery life. TrueSwing has plenty of memory and can be sued for multiple rounds before Garmin Connect uploads. If golfers get caught in the elements, TruSwing is waterproof to IPX-7.

Garmin Golf Sensor - TruSwing

Garmin TruSwing Golf Sensor Features:

  • Displays at-a-glance swing metrics on your Approach watch, handheld, smartphone or tablet
  • Review swing data right from your wrist to stay fully focused during your swing training
  • Monitors advanced swing metrics detailed in the sidebar to the left
  • View 3D animations and side-by-side swing comparisons for real-time analysis on your smartphone or tablet (using the Garmin Connect Mobile app)
  • Use with Approach S6 for additional wrist path data to enhance the 3D animation
  • Compatible with the Approach S20, S4, S5, S6, G7, G8 and most Bluetooth handhelds and tablets
  • Light, small, unobtrusive design with water rating of IPX7
  • Simple, quick and robust attachment that securely mounts below the grip
  • Upload, review and share data online with Garmin Connect
  • Rechargeable integrated battery with 15 hours of battery life

Garmin TruSwing Review – Bottom Line

Garmin TruSwing should appeal to all golfers interested in improving their swing, regardless of ability. There is a huge amount of data available to help analyze your swing and the Garmin Connect app makes it easier to understand with clear 3D animations.

TruSwing works with the majority of Garmin Approach devices (S20, S5, S6, G7 and G8), so if you already own one of these you won’t need to spend out to buy a compatible Garmin golf device. It’s small, lightweight and unobtrusive and fixing to your club is a breeze.

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