Garmin Approach R10 vs G80 Comparison

garmin approach r10 vs g80

If you have recently purchased the Garmin Approach R10, you may have noticed that it shares many similarities with the Garmin Approach G80. Both of these golf devices feature useful metrics to improve your game and provide you with an accurate analysis of your performance. But there are also some distinct differences between the two models that can influence your decision when it comes to which model is best for you.

With this in mind, how do the Garmin Approach R10 and the Garmin Approach G80 compare?

The Garmin Approach R10 and Garmin Approach G80 are both portable golf tracking devices. The main difference between the two devices is that the Approach R10 is a simulation launch monitor whereas the Approach G80 is not. Both devices track club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and estimated distance.

In this guide, we will take a look at both of these portable devices to find out what the main differences are between each. You will find that the Garmin Approach R10 carries over many of the features found in the Approach G80, but there are both additions and some omissions to be aware of. If you are trying to decide which device is best for your golf game, read on to find out more.

Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor comparison
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At a Glance: Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

The Approach R10 is basically a launch monitor that is mounted on a small, included tripod and is designed to be placed behind you to record and save every aspect of your swing and distance.

The technology makes it easy to track club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and estimated distance, which makes the R10 quite similar to the Approach G80.

The Approach R10 features both Home Tee Hero and E6 Connect where you can play a virtual round of golf at one of the world’s greatest golf courses or, you can choose to set the app for a nearby golf course.

Garmin Approach g80

At a Glance: Garmin Approach G80

The Approach G80 is the first all-in-one premium GPS golf handheld with an integrated launch monitor and immediately precedes the Approach R10. Just like the Approach R10, the included technology makes it easy to track clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and estimated distance.

On the course, the Approach G80 measures shot distance, and for easy access during play, simply press the quick access radar button to open the launch monitor functionality.

The G80 also doubles as a digital scorecard with scoring options for stroke play, Stableford, skins, and match play with adjustable handicaps.

Quick Comparison: Garmin Approach R10 vs G80
Garmin Approach R10
  • No Touchscreen
  • Autoshot
  • Launch monitor
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Garmin Approach G80
  • Touchscreen
  • Autoshot
  • Limited launch monitor
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Similarities and Differences Between the Garmin Approach R10 and the Garmin Approach G80

We briefly highlighted some of the shared similarities between both of these models, but there are more differences between the two that reveal how different the models are to one another.

Let’s take a look at what sticks out the most.


Both the R10 and the G80 are launch monitors, but both differ in their overall design and the functionality available based on those designs.

The Approach R10 is a portable device that is meant to attach to an included tripod to be placed 6-feet behind you to measure your swing and distance.

The Approach G80 is a handheld similar to a smartphone that features a round groove on the back of the device which is for the insertion of a golf ball to prop the device up behind you to measure your swings and distance.

Differences in Key Features of the Approach R10

Here are the three main features found in the R10 that is not featured with the G80.

Home Tee Hero Compatible

This is certainly one of the most enjoyable new features with the R10. Although the graphics are a bit too animated at times, the ability to recreate swings and yard distances either on the range or indoors is thoroughly enjoyable.

Once launched and a course is selected, you can choose to invite other players to play along with you or just set the game for yourself where you can select men’s or women’s tees or, whatever each specific course has for its tee layout options.

Additionally, you can select the conditions you wish to play within, such as windy, breezy, or even strong wind currents if you are feeling adventurous. Home Tee Hero allows up to 4 players to compete with one another.

This feature will require either a monthly subscription for $9.99.

E6 Connect Included

With the R10 is the inclusion of up to 5 courses within the E6 Connect software without the cost of a separate subscription.

Even if you choose not to subscribe to E6 Connect, the ability to try it with 5 courses allows you to experience all of the tournament features, minigames, multiplayer capabilities, and training exercises that are hallmarks of the service.

Impressive Battery Life

The Approach R10 features nearly 10 hours of overall battery life that comes from one full charge. This is perfect for when you want to play golf for an entire day.

Differences in Key Features of Approach G80

Here are the 4 main differences with the Approach G80 when compared to the Approach R10.

Touchscreen Technology

Although the R10 is designed to be used solely through the Garmin Golf App, the Approach G80 is a bit more convenient if you wish to access your performance metrics directly through the device.

You can touch any point on the sunlight-readable display, and it shows the precise distance to fairways, hazards, landing area, or the front, middle, and back of the green.

Digital Scorecard

The Approach G80 also has a handy digital scorecard that is missing from the Approach R10. This is useful when you are playing with others or in a tournament and want to quickly and easily compare scores.

Device Performance Indicators

The Approach G80 also has many device performance indicators that launch monitors do not regularly feature, including the Approach R10.

The R10 is missing a battery life indicator on the device, and you will need to log into the Garmin Golf App to see how much battery life remains on the device.

Device Updates

The Approach R10 is brand new, which means there will likely be some kinks that need to be worked out over time similar to when the Approach G80 was launched.

The Approach G80 has had a few updates since its launch which means the performance of the device will work seamlessly.

Which Should I Buy?

Overall, the Garmin Approach R10 is definitely the device you should consider purchasing. As it stands now, the R10 is the quintessential Garmin golf device because its capabilities and performance recording statistics (including real video recording) are stellar.

The battery life runs for up to 10 hours, which is much longer and more sustained than many previous models in the Garmin Approach line such as the Garmin Approach G80 which features less battery performance.

One of the really useful features of the Garmin Approach R10 is that all of your session data is saved in the Garmin Golf App. In fact, every single shot that you take is visualized out on the driving range, as well as allowing you to bounce in and look at the data for any specific shot that you take.

Many of the features are carried over from the Approach G80, but Approach R10’s simulation details are truly revolutionary for golfers, thanks in part to the unbelievably low price of the simulator when compared to industry competitors.

The Garmin Approach R10 is the device to choose from, but if a simulator is more than what you need, the Approach G80 is still an excellent golf tracker.

FeatureApproach R10Approach G80
Preloaded with coursesYesYes
Launch monitorYesLimited launch monitor
Home Tee HeroYesNo
Club PerformanceYesYes
Battery lifeExcellentGood
Digital ScorecardNoYes

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Garmin Approach R10 has new features that distinguish it from the Approach G80. The launch monitor technology in the R10 is also innovative and useful in terms of recording launch angle, driving range, swing performance, and carry distance.

Our recommendation is to consider the Approach R10 if for any other reason, the affordability of the device when compared to industry competitors like SkyTrak and Rapsodo.

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